I have been away from this site for such a long time. It is now the right time to start expressing myself a little more.

It was such a cathartic experience living in the Central desert of Australia. I will write more comprehensively about this at a later time.


I am now in Wollongong and going through a period of rest and consolidation. I view this as a necessary period of hibernation. At 64 it is somewhat more difficult to find work even though I have qualifications and experience that sometimes surprise me.

So while I believe I will be moving into something more exciting, I am happily working as a cleaner. My duties include responsibility for a large and expanding residential building project. I love it. I sometimes feel that it is almost meditational in structure. I don’t have the stress that teaching can provide and I am remarkably happy.

So this hibernation is good for me at this age. I am likened to being a bear. Slowly recuperating but preparing to burst forth with energy to tackle the next phase of life.

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