Tough Times but welcome to the New You.


We humans are going through an energy shift of major proportions at the moment. However it may not seem so as many of us are saying that we are not feeling right and seem to be ungrounded. The sands under our feet seem to be shifting.  Many are also saying that they don’t seem in their bodies and feel light headed or even unwell, tight joints, sore bodies, headaches, depression etc and a sense of not being able to concentrate. Well, when caught in a rip… go with the flow…

There are many reasons for this. One of the main reasons is the electromagnetic grid of the planet, or ‘ley lines’, are recalibrating and shifting causing us humans to realign our electromagnetic frequency as well. The north and south poles have been slowly moving direction and scientists’ realize this. So if the planet is shifting… where are you? Where is your new centre? Where is your new north pole?

Whales used to follow the grid lines and a few years ago we seen a lot of them beaching. They were simply following the magnetic lines of the Earth. Why don’t we see them beaching as much anymore? Their offspring have learnt and shifted course. What worked in the old energy paradigm will struggle in this new frequency so tough times ahead if we don’t climb to new heights.

So what does this mean for us humans? Simply is that the old energy systems and behaviors will not work for us anymore and it’s time to allow the new energies of love, compassion and higher consciousness into our circuitry, however that can be a little intense for some of us.

To complicate things a little more of late, have been the increase in solar flares activity from the sun which is playing havoc with our energy, just like the full moon does. We have also come out of an intense retrograde from the planet Mercury as well which makes it hard to move forward and all sorts of communications are uneasy. And to top it all off our planet is moving through a 26 thousand year cycle and is now aligning with the central sun which is triggering light in our DNA. So is it any wonder we’re all feeling a little out of sorts?

This is all good news. We are becoming higher in our frequency and are moving forward into a shift of consciousness. We just need a little time to adapt, hence the changes. We are coming together with our higher self and our divinity. The goalposts have moved and we just need to realign ourselves with this force, but don’t expect for things to go back to normal. Expect better things to come.

For now, try to rest, stay grounded and in your ‘self’ as much as you can and don’t expect too much for while. Most important is to take it easy on yourself and others. Watch your thoughts, only think positive, expect great things and most of all listen and honour your inner voice. That is your higher self communicating with you and should be getting louder by now. Our cellular structure too is going through the birthing pains hence the physical discomfort so we can adapt to the new energy.   We are now coming closer towards our true self and the manifestation of the God consciousness here on the planet from within…And that’s got to be a good thing…

So, when you think about the magnitude of what is happening, pat yourself on the back for being here on Earth and just showing up an incarnating on the planet at this pivotal moment in time. You chose to be here now to experience and participate in this wonderful alignment!

So be easy with you and good luck with your re calibration of Self!!!

The above article was posted by my friend Will and is here for your consideration.In addition, I acknowledge full copy right of the image used to its owner whoever you are. I hope you dont mind my sharing your beautiful work.
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