Moving to Central Australia: All is not what it seems.


The time spent in the Northern Territory was remarkable. I went there expecting a spiritual epiphany and ended up with a number of great experiences that may have been spiritual but were definitely life changing.

I went to Uluru with expectations of some deep enlightenment but realised it was just a place; a steeping stone to the adventures I was yet to have.

I was to teach. I was to organise. I was to ride horses and chase cattle. I was to drive students thousands of kilometres into the desert. I was to view a cattle muster participated in by my students from a helicopter. I was to succeed in some ventures and fail in others.

A s I motivate myself, in the future, I will write more of what I experienced and learned in Outback Australia. I will write of my opinions of the life of Aboriginal Australians and how the wider world reacts to them.

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