Meaning during Retirement

One of the joys of living in Kioloa is the ability to go for a long walk along the beach. Here  it is possible to be able to walk all alone without interruption by anyone. It gives me time to reflect on what is important in life. In fact, the walk is a type of moving meditation. It is a time and place  where I can connect with nature. The energy of the waves and the power of sea permeates the body. Because of the frequency of the sounds of the sea one is able to recharge and become more positive about life.

One thing I have found since ceasing full-time work is that you occasionally have doubts about yourself and your purpose. The beach environment helps in the adjustment.

I find myself quite determined to carve out meaning for the  “retirement” phase of my life. Determining what I should do and who I should associate with have posed challenges. No wonder those in nursing homes find it easy to disassociate from life.

The production of videos on YouTube has added to this meaning as well as my offering of Reconnective Healing at Healing Hearts at Ulladulla have been very helpful.P1050298

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