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Jungle Waterfall: Guided Meditation

Listen to lovely music as you are taken on a journey to a peaceful waterfall in the forest where you obtain peace. Spoken words written by Brian Hedley Marthick and based on a script by Greg Suchy. Beautiful music, “Contemplate” … Continue reading

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Light Alpha Meditation

Do you want a pleasant light meditation to ease into to help you connect spiritually or just feel easier with yourself? This low alpha meditation session is excellent for experienced and inexperienced users alike. This session brings the user down … Continue reading

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Stop the Chatter: Sleep Music, Isochronic Tones

Helps induce sleep for people who have frequent insomnia due to overactive, chattery minds. This session ramps down to the “schumann resonance” frequency, 7.83 Hz, or high theta. This protocol seems to be particularly useful at inducing sleep in those … Continue reading

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Old Buildings in Yass, New South Wales

I found overnighting in Yass somewhat of a shock. It was freezing! Life on the coast is so much warmer. It was traumatic discovering what winter could really feel like. The buildings in Yass stem from the 19th century. The … Continue reading

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