Spiritual politics

The lure of daily politics distracts me from more metaphysical pursuits. We seem to be in a time where it is evident that a large number of politicians have little heart or compassion for the people they represent. It beggars belief that so many are so callous and uncaring.

This may stem from the fact that many politicians have never worked at a job other than being a representative of the people. But they have never been one of the people. It is though they have come from another planet (OMG! Are they reptilians??), as they have little understanding of the plight and feelings of the average person. Indeed many of them are millionaires and have not experienced the hardships of struggle.

Of course here in Australia there are still some who have come from the ranks of the proletariat but one wonders if many also have been bought by the Big Corporations they seem to seek to rule the world.

indexThe House of Australian Politics

So how can I seek the guru inside of me to enjoy the labours of spiritual enrichment? But then again a little voice tells me that part of being spiritual is the desire to want the society you are a part to function well. This is part of the caring and compassion a spiritual person should display. This concern is being spiritual and part of becoming so-called enlightened.

I will continue in my concerns as I will continue in my metaphysical interests as I see them as complimentary.

I will write further as thoughts come to me.

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