Australia Adjusts to …Yet Again…to another Prime Minister

The sun has risen over a new dawn of realization!

It was inevitable that Tony Abbott would be deposed. He has been described as the ‘worst PM in Australia’s history’. There are reasons for this.

In a spiritual context, I often found that my intuition was telling me that this man was not right for the country. Indeed there were times when it seemed that he was not right in the head. For a person that a number of people found quite personable, he was at times weird when addressing the public. He would do so many things that indicated that he was not clear in his head.

And now he is gone!

Now we have Malcolm Turnball, a person so many people find attractive as a man and a person. A self-made man: educated at Oxford as a top legal brain; successful as a merchant banker. He has views that are different to Abbott’s. He supports same-sex marriage, recognises a need to address climate change and is an advocate for the Republic. He will be popular with the centre-right.


However, will he be but just another face to a party that was fast becoming a beacon for the Fascist elements of the extreme right. This extreme view of the world is evident not only here but in the ruling parties of the UK and the USA?

My intuition tells me that it is right to think that this type of philosophy is to be discouraged. Any thoughts that are not for the benefit of our fellows and the place in which they live cannot be correct. Selfish ideals that support business for it’s own sake is wrong. Enriching rich and powerful people in the misguided attitude that a trickle-down effect will be for the benefit of society is wrong!

Many tell me that there are changes coming. Metaphysically this means that people are becoming more aware of who they truly are. We are becoming more aware of the relationship we have with the energy that some call Universal Mind or Spirit.

I wonder if the changes we now see with the Australian parliament is part of that change. Time will tell! I suspect that there will be a ‘honeymoon’ period where everyone will believe we have a wonderful future. This will then be followed by the realization that Selfishness has a false face. Part of that selfishness may be the face of inaction of the Labor Party. Take care!

Malcolm Turnball and the LNP will need to watched carefully over the next 12 months!

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