Shift in Awareness: Is Global Consciousness Changing

My body is aching. I don’t sleep well some nights. Then on some days I feel great and sleep like a log. Just what is happening?

A friend of mine suggested that many of us (if not everyone) are going through a change. This may be a change in consciousness or an awareness of who we are. This may be manifesting physically as well as spiritually.

In the morning I swear I hear and feel the vibrations of some ‘engine’. A psychic friend suggested it was the Earth’s vibrations. This has started only this year since moving to the South Coast. It may have something to do with my ‘retiring’ from my normal full-time work. In addition, I hear buzzing (not ringing) and have for about 6 years or so.

Now some may say this is an indication of becoming spiritually aware. This may be. Certainly as I work on my YouTube channels and communicate with spiritual people I get a sense that ‘things’ are changing. I feel that I am becoming more content with life and more confident in my understanding of metaphysics.

Beautiful blue eye against blue clouds - Spiritual concept

Beautiful blue eye against blue clouds – Spiritual concept

I find it amusing that so many people feel the need to worship God, or obey God, or fear God especially thinking that a Judgement Day will sort out the good from the bad.

I think being aware or enlightened means realising that You are God. That God is everywhere and everything. This awareness is starting to shift Global Consciousness. Through the many tragedies today people are changing and moving towards a more LOVE-based approach to the world.

You can see it in the movements around the world that are based on LOVE and display a social conscience. You can see it in the changes in politics that are leaning towards a more thoughtful way of looking after ALL people not just the investors. The trickle-down effect is proving to be ineffectual.

Gandhi said ~ “Be the change you want to see in the World.” I think if we as a race collectively changed the way we think…our attitude… we would change the way the world acted. There seems to be the beginning of a shift in Global Consciousness. We have the potential to have massive change in our lifetime. Love the World. See the beauty in all things. See the change. And the world will change.

~ Bryn Madoc

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