Who or What is “GOD”?

I have been thinking about the concept of “God” for some time now. Because of this, I was prompted to post a comment on a Facebook group page that I belong to that discusses religion and spirituality.

While contemplating this,I gave thought to a posting that describes ‘God’ as the builder of a train set. The set has tracks and towns and villages. Mountains, rivers and bodies of water add to the beauty of this remarkable train set. Of course there were trains pulling a variety of carriages. It truly was a thing to behold and ‘God’ was well-pleased. However, the creator of this wonderful set thought, ‘How can I experience the wonderment of this creation?’ and he thought to individuate himself into small people to drive the train and move about the setting.
Is this an accurate portrayal of ‘God’? So we are moved to think… Just who or what is “God”. Many assume that ‘God’ (apart from the anthropomorphic idea) is a single entity…such as the Creator. What if ‘God’ is not a singular being but the sum total of everything and therefore did not Create that which always existed. If, like the builder of the train set, this always existent Spirit wanted to individuate…why was that necessary? What if the Universal Mind was a collection of the minds of all of us (including every life form or energy throughout the Universe??) and we all just continued to create and change. Is it possible for ‘God’ to change. It is, if we feel the previous statement to be truth. Then, of course if we assume that the Universe is ‘God’ does it have an end. Thus we are leading to the very nature of the Universe/God…a continuing examination of a complex problem that may just be simple.

I read this morning that the meaning of life is Life…and that we could learn all we need to know from the botanical world. That life is simply about creating and birthing life; nurturing, sustaining, promoting, living and enjoying Life. Is this a clear enough expression of ‘God’ or just part of the equation? When you look up into the Cosmos do you not wonder just what that all is? Amazing isn’t it?

So I wonder what do you think? I am not interested in the rambles of religions. What do you think…in your heart?

With Love, Bryn

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