Why do we continually send our young men and women to WAR?

Today is Remembrance Day and like Anzac Day it is a day where we remember the dead..those young men and women who died in war.

We are told they died protecting us from evil ….or defending our way of life… or our freedom.

It is a day symbolised by the red poppy. It is day day when we remember that we should never again send young people to die in war.

And yet we do. There is always a conflict that requires young people to die to prove a point. If one was to be cynical one might say it is the old men that run most of the countries who seem to be responsible for putting their countries into a war situation.

One might ask what on earth are the US, UK, Australia, France, and Russia doing in the so called Middle East. Certainly Australia has got to stop following the US into war simply because we are allies. No! I refuse to believe we are under attack.
vet hat
We have got to stop this. So many generations have we sacrificed. And those that return are traumatised. The families then suffer in this dysfunction and this results in billions being spent of treating the ex- servicemen as well as the rest of the community.

So I say, on this, yet again Remembrance Day, enough! Peace!

Love to you all, Bryn

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