It is a Wonderful World

I would love to live in a world where everyone just got along. However, this is not going to happen yet, as we have so many differences. It seems that people focus on the difference rather than the commonality we have with each other.

I know people who have so much Love for their fellow man it brings you to tears. Having a negative attitude is not going to work. Imagine, looking at the dark side of everything. Having a glass half ’empty’ just leads to being in a depressive state.


I would rather have a positive attitude to everything. This helps to develop feelings of Love which then colours my attitude to everything in life.

Yes sometimes I feel a bit down, then I realise I have a lot to be grateful for. This changes my view and I begin to feel empowered. If terrible tragedy sticks, then do something to improve that situation; be it ever so small you can make a difference.

Write a letter to your M.P. Help educate children in a foreign land. Send Love via meditation. Be active in your community. Learn more about other cultures. Travel. Volunteer in an orphanage or an old people’s home. Join a service club or spiritual group. Be proactive!

Afterall it IS a wonderful world. And thinking so makes it so!


Thankyou for the image.

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2 Responses to It is a Wonderful World

  1. Swetha M says:

    You are an inspiration! Keep going! 🙂

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