Is Travel Good for the Soul?

I have been travelling this past 3 weeks. I travelled down to Geelong, Victoria, Australia to attend a 70th birthday of a friend I met in Bali in 1999. It was wonderful catching up her after all these years.

Geelong is a lovely city, coming alive under the guidance of its new mayor, the controversial and eccentric, Darryn Lyons. It has a lovely waterfront and fabulous cottages adorned with iron lacework. Loved the city and its environs and the people I met.


On return I decided to spend time in Beechworth, an historical town established in the Goldrush of 1853. I camped in my little 4 man tent and spent the time bushwalking and checking out the wineries and craft breweries of the area.


Travelling gives you a perspective on life not gained by just sitting at home. All the time one tends to think more esoterical things and gives one a greater appreciation of where they live.

It was great to get home, however, I reflect on my journey and how it has made me determined to do more travel.  And in that reflection is a determination not to allow my life to stagnate but to be a way of learning to improve myself and, therefore, improve others.


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