Do we need to have personal Love in our lives?

Personal Love refers to having a significant loving relationship with another person. This often is a live-in relation ship between a man and a woman, a woman and a woman, or a man and a man.

It can, of course work well when the two individuals choose to live in separate domiciles yet spend a lot of time sharing a variety of aspects of their lives together. This, indeed, can be ideal as each person retains greater control over their individuality.

There are advantages to having a loving personal relationship. A person’s health can be influenced enormously by the presence, or lack, of personal love in their life. It can release tension and stress and allows a person to open up and be more of themselves. And of course the sexual side of the relationship can be extremely beneficial physically and psychologically.

When a person has a positive love in their life, they are generally more creative. Creativity is an essential key to success in all occupations, and therefore, a person who is inspired by it can build a more successful career.

With a personal loving relationship, the inspiration, creativity and motivation from this can lead to making more appropriate financial decisions. Conversely many people without a loving relationship can, indeed, make up the difference and compensate by going to the extremes of trying to accumulate more and more wealth and power!


Yet there are some who find that being alone does not mean that they are lonely, or, indeed, without love. Many have an intimate personal loving relationship with the Divine that seems to be most satisfactory. Being in one’s own company can be most satisfying.

This does not mean that that person isolates themselves from society and family. Quite the contrary, these relationships are very important and provide the loving relationships with the advantages mentioned above. Many people have a controlled involvement with community  organizations and spiritual groups. This can be most satisfying even if only on social media such as Facebook or Twitter where many people who live alone develop quite meaningful relationships, many of which can be quite loving.

So while we can see the advantages of a loving relationship, this does not have to be expressed by living with someone. Being alone is one way to experience love.


NB: It is important to mention that there are also many people who are alone and ARE lonely. If you suspect someone in your neighbourhood is like that it would be beneficial to everyone for you to check up on them. You just may save a life.

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