The Science of Hugging: 11 Health Benefits of Hugging

I just read this article on my Facebook page from Spirit Science and thought I should re-post here. In our Western culture I find many people find it too embarrassing to hug. I have seen members of families uncomfortable with getting too close physically.

Having travelled and lived in other cultures in Asia and the Pacific I have noticed in these societies hugging and physical contact is natural. Children climb allover adults and are loved in return. Men walk hand in hand down the street and there is no sexual connotation. Touching is not considered something to be feared.

Have a read of this article to see the benefits of hugging. I have highlighted the headings of each.

” Hugging! We often hug each other when we are so happy or when we see a person whom we love. We often feel joy and happiness when we hug each other. A hug can convey a lot of message than our words. Each time we sincerely hug each other; we are actually conveying our love and joy each other that can never be explained through our words. We feel all our burdens gets shattered off while we are in a hug. Yes. Each time we hug each other happiness and trust arise in us!

Do you know why this happens in us while we hug each other?

Have you ever wondered “what happens in us while we are in a hug?”

Let us see the most amazing miracles that happen in our body while we are in a hug. I have listed the most wonderful and astounding phenomena that take place in our body which emerges while we are in a hug!

tumblr_inline_n2n5icgkET1sc4uby(1) Increases Bonding: Hugging can cause release of oxytocin from brain causing women’s to bond with their partner. The releasing of hormone causes a rise in commitment for her partner.

Hugging creates intimacy by sharing feelings each other through hugging (1) Try hugging with your partner and increase bonding!

(2) Relaxes body: Hugging can cause relaxation of muscles by decreasing the tone of muscles which cause body to relax (2) Hug each other to relax your body!

(3) Relieves pain: Hugging can cause release of endorphins which relieves the pain by blocking the pain pathways and soothes aches by increasing circulation to soft tissues thereby removing pain stimulating peptides like bradykinins (1,2)  When you are in pain keep hugging!

(4) Increases Empathy and Understanding: A passionate hugging can cause exchange of feelings across the bioenergetics field generated by heart causing people to empathize others feelings. This builds the trust between two persons. Hug someone when you want to open your heart to some one!love-hug1

(5) Relieves Depression and Neurodegenerative disorders: Hugging can increase the production of dopamine from your brain. The dopamine levels will be low in brain in conditions like Parkinsonism and mood disorders like Depression, Procrastination, Self-doubt and lack of enthusiasm.

When you hug the release of dopamine is revealed in PET scan. If you see someone depressed, give him a hug. Lit up a light of joy in someone’s life!

(6) Elevates Mood: Hugging can increase the production of serotonin from your brain that can increase your mood. Serotonin can boost your self-esteem. A person experience depression and loneliness when serotonin level is low. Hugging causes brain to release serotonin and endorphin to blood vessels to create pleasure and negate sadness. Hugging gives an improved performance at your workplace and schools. Hug your partner, if she feels loneliness!

two-children-hugging(7) Balance Nervous system: Hugging balances nervous system. The skin contains a network of tiny egg shaped pressure sensors called the pacnician corpuscles that can sense touch and which are in contact with the brain through the Vagus nerve.

The galvanic response measured from someone who receives hug shows a marked change in skin conductance, the effect of moisture and electricity over the skin during hugging shows a balanced state of nervous system- parasympathetic which is achieved by psychophysiological coherence created by passionate hugging. Keep hugging and balance your Nervous system!

(8) Alleviates Stress: Hugging alleviates stress by reducing the levels of circulating cortisol (the stress hormones) in the blood. This causes the mind to calm down. This help in decreasing the cortisol induced hyperglycemia and diabetes mellitus. Studies tell that the well hugged babies are less stressed than less hugged adults. The research at Emory University discovered an amazing link between touch and relieving stress. When your partner comes home after his work, just give him a warm hug!hugging

(9) Decrease Heart rate and improves Health of Heart: Hugging can decrease heart rate. A study in the University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill, participants who did not have any contact with their partners developed a quickened heart rate of 10 beats per minute compared to 5 beats per minute among those who got to hug their partners during the experiment. Decreasing heart rates will help in decreasing blood pressure and cardiac illness. Give your daddy or grandpa a hug, wipe away his heart disease!

(10) Boosts Immune System: Dr. Shelden Cohen conducted a study in over 400 healthy adults were interviewed about their perceived social support and got participated in night phone interview for two weeks. They were asked about the frequency that they engaged in personal conflict and received hugs that day. The researches exposed the participants to common cold virus and monitored to assess symptoms and signs of infection.

hug-dayThey found that the people who perceived a good social support and received frequent hugs had less or no number of symptoms and signs of infection.

While the people who went through interpersonal conflict and the people who received less or no hugs exhibited different symptoms and signs of infection. Hugging can decrease the stress hormone which inhibit the immune system and increase the hormones and peptides that regulate the functioning of immune cells. Give your children hugs and keep them healthy and immune!

(11) Reduce Worry of Mortality: A research published in the Journal Psychological Science revealed that hug and touch reduce worry of mortality. The study was so amazing that it discovered that hugging an inanimate object like teddy bear was enough to soothe individual’s existential fears.

By even imagining, hugging a person you love the most can cause your brain to release serotonin, dopamine and endorphin to trigger reactions of happiness and joy. This will also negate the worries of mortality by decreasing the levels of stress hormone, by altering the perception of brain and by evoking out positive emotions in us. Don’t worry, hug and live long!friends-hugging1

Concluding, a hug can make us confident and amiable. It can help in strengthening our bonds and can open up the gates to the depths of our mind. It can help in establishing a sense of trust between each other and can make us open our hearts each other.

The hug can cause a great change within you; it triggers a massive release nueurohormones in our body that we are unknown of. These neurohormonal changes can calm our mind. These neurohormones will bring joy and happiness in us and will alleviate away our sadness, tensions and anxieties. Hugging alleviates away pain and brings ecstasy .”

Keep Hugging!

By: Dr. Fahad Basheer, author of “The Science of Emotions”

I sincerely hope you found this article interesting and that it helps you to hug more. It benefits all of us.



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