Spiritual Insights

The spiritual journey continues in Singapore. I have seen a number of my friends here who have set me on a path of further discovery.

It does not matter what age you are. You are always capable of redefining your Life’s Purpose. And at 66 I still feel quite active and energy-charged.

I have spoken to a number of quite spiritual people here and continue to receive insights into how I can continue my journey.

One thing that stood out was meditation. I have been remiss in this considering I produce meditation videos. One friend told me to get going and use my own product as I would be likely to tune into their energy more easily. This I have started to do.And am feeling blessed! It is through meditation that the ‘Universe’ can communicate with you. Therefore, I expect some even further insights.

I then felt an interest in learning about channeling and how people go about doing it. I mentioned this to a friend who then said enjoy. Well, I wasn’t contemplating doing it myself, however, why not!!!?

He advised that I clear the space first.I have never been one for cleansing space especially with sage as I believe one’s own connection to the Divine can do this. However, his comment was that it just helps the process along.He  said use whatever you feel comfortable using. Just have fun!!

So I will continue to meditate and investigate channelingMeditation background and we will see what happens.




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