Images of Parts of Singapore.


The display in the Flower Dome of the Gardens by the Bay is wonderful and well worth the cost. A fabulous walk round these garden; an engineering marvel.


Here are parts of the remarkable flower trees which light up at night with the extraordinary ‘surfboard’ hotel in the back ground.


Loved this little bronze of playing children in Orchard Road especially with the extra child on the end.


Me at Clarke’s Quay, a favourite eating spot and a great place for an evening walk.


Travelling by MRT (rail) is quite common in Singapore as there is an excellent public transport system. This one is going to Sentosa.


People can choose to have a cheap picnic on the beach or a swim or have beer and meal at a nearby restaurant in Sentosa.


With a variety of things to do and see in Singapore, bowling caught my attention. Thought I would be a hotshot…but no!!!


I must say my friends in Singapore have been wonderful. I will leave next week with a lot to think about. Each person has given me a gift of insight or further ideas to follow. I am truly grateful.

Cheers till next time,


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