Having a Personal Retreat in Bali

Have been in Bali for a week or so now and have been relaxing on the beach but making sure I walk at least 10,000 steps each day.
In addition I have been ensuring I limit the numbers of Bintang beers drunk to a minimum. Restricted to the weekend.DSCN1675

I have also endeavoured to increase the time I spend on meditation. I am disciplining myself more to ensure I have at least two meditation sessions a day. I have been led to do this as I now have an interest in ‘channelling’.

Meditation background

I am researching this on the internet and have been encouraged by several friends to prepare for this. While they suggest cleansing the room is important before trying to connect within meditation, I think the ritual of burning sage or incense is just for ceremony’s sake.

If your intention is pure then you will be safe. After all are we not part of ‘God’ and have the divine within; therefore, what can touch us.



So here I am in Bali, with a belief that it all good and whatever happens will be for the highest good.

Love to you all,


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