Pure Heart | Spoken Affirmations | Love Within | Binaural Beats | Isochronic Tones

Deliciously relaxing and emotionally expressive, this is an elegant piano composition that will soothe your mind and encourage a state of open heartedness. As you listen you’ll find yourself drifting through the music as it flows gracefully from one progression to the next. Sometimes quiet and contemplative, sometimes touching and emotive. Always the music is peaceful and poised. Recorded with spoken affirmations of pure love.
This is a Theta session which ramps down to 6.5 Hz. This protocol is meant to put the listener into a deeply relaxed, receptive and passive state where affirmations will be much more effective.
Use this session in a quiet, comfortable place, free of distraction, in a chair or lying down. After starting the session, close your eyes and relax. Your eyes should be closed.
This session can be used with or without headphones. If you are in a noisy environment, it is recommended to use headphones. For the benefit of binaural beats use headphones.
During the session you should remain as calm and relaxed as possible.
Affirmations for the Pure in Heart:
I am truly of a good and loving heart
My thoughts are pure in intent
As a child of God I am pure and full of Love
All goodness and mercy comes from having pure intentions
The Love I have for my fellow man comes from the Love of Spirit within me
I am full of Love
The power of Love within me encompasses the whole world
I awaken the Divine within me which is the essence of Love
All living creatures are just a reflection of the Divine Being within me.
I send out this Love to all beings
My intention is to be One with All Creatures
There are no beings unworthy of my Love
My Love is the essence of the Universe

Please note: The tone sounds and music here are produced uniquely by me using technology under licence from Transparent Corporation- License: NP32-7279-4809-75
Music: “Pure of Heart” by Christopher Lloyd Clarke under licence from: http://www.enlightenedaudio.com/pure-…
The Photo is from Photodune: http://www.photodune.net
Words written and spoken by Bryn Madoc.
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