What is happening in the world today?

One often wonders if it is today that only has crazy things happening or did crazy things happen in the time of my grandparents. While I think crazy things happen in all times we are certainly more informed about the crazy times.

I predicted that Donald Trump would be elected President of the United States as the USA needed to heal and Trump would be the catalyst by which that would happen. It is happening already. How many Republicans realize that this man is dangerous and doesn’t have an understanding of how to treat people let alone lead the US in dealing with other countries.


Photo: http://www.politicalhumour.about.com

There is certainly a movement within the Republican Party to counter Trump. Yet I am amazed that there are sincere people who still believe that he is the right man to be President.

Whether he is elected or not it is an indication that there is massive change happening within the World. I am constantly reminded that those who spout hate and greed are on the wane. A new dawn is revealing itself.

So within the turmoil look for signs of positivity. Colour everything you do with Love. Be happy!

One way of doing this is to be grateful for things in your life. Look at the exciting camaraderie and joyfulness  of the Olympic Games. See the beauty of the World. Really look at your life and see even the smallest thing that you can be grateful about.

Don’t let anyone dull your sparkle!


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2 Responses to What is happening in the world today?

  1. Great reminder! Thanks for the post!

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