The Joy of The Olympics

Just to balance what is perceived as all the dark happenings in the world we see the joy on the faces of the competitors in the Rio 2016 Games.

Despite the fear that Brazil would not produce a good games, everything is proceeding remarkably well. Whether you are winning  or just missing out on medals or just participating it is wonderful to see the happiness and gratitude of the competitors.

The competition between the giants of the Games versus the host nation intrigues us all. The clash between China and the USA is fascinating. The individual and team efforts have been inspirational.

Yet look at the glorious success of the minnows. Joseph Schooling of Singapore beating his hero Michael Phelps in the 100m butterfly. The first gold for Singapore. The small island nation of Fiji winning the Rugby 7s Men’s Gold medal. And how wonderful that Puerto Rico wins Gold in the women’s tennis with Monica Puig winning.

Yet the success of the games is not in the medal tally but the participation. Consider how positive it is for so many to meet friends from countries of such diversity. This is a great learning experience for so many. It is the experience of sharing the joy of friendship.

Compare the energy of the Games with the energy of ultra-conservatism in politics and business. Compare the love and joy with the hate and greed of the variety of terror-inspired wars around the globe.

In fact it has been so refreshing to be surrounded by such positivity. Well done Rio.

Love and Light to you all,


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