Back in Singapore

Had a quick trip to Singapore to sort out some of my personal stuff I had in storage.


When you only have a certain amount that you can take on a flight you have to get rid of some baggage. Detaching yourself from things you have hoarded is quite a challenge.

I just had to say ‘goodbye’ and give things away. This was particularly difficult as I love my books. However, with the attitude that I am just passing them on, I did the impossible and gave my books away!!

Having  few days up my sleeve I was able to catch up with some friends and also have look around the sites of Singapore.


It was also wonderful catching with a deeply spiritual friend of mine and his partner. He was certainly a lot happier and less serious now that he can share his life with another.

This friend sees things and write about his adventures in helping people deal with the entities is their lives. He has asked me to edit some of his writings. This will be a challenge to get ready for publication as what he deals with would be quite scary for some people. Nevertheless we will see what comes out of this project. He has just sent me the first installment.


I write this from Bali where I am once again having a tranquil time. Meditation is becoming a challenge due to the noise of the traffic. As soon as I overcome this block I will be moving onto channelling and hope the information may be used in service to people.

I have already had one client for Reconnective healing and look forward to more in the coming weeks.

Another project I am looking forward to doing is producing cameo videos for my YouTube channels. This will be in a way of thanking my subscribers and later talking about a variety of subjects. Wish me well.

Best wishes,


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