Royal Fistula Hospital Nigeria, a project by Safe Anaesthesia Worldwide | The Big Give.


This is a project of a friend of mine, Muhammad Galadima, who has been working hard these past few years of being my friend on Facebook, to get this project up and running. I hope you find it interesting. Read the information and check out the charity fund-raising for it.

  • Need

    Two million women worldwide suffer from fistula. In Nigeria alone, there are more than 800,000 fistula patients. Obstetric fistula is a horrendous injury that can result from prolonged obstructed labour without medical care. The injury may leave women doubly incontinent, leaking urine and faeces, making life a misery. These women are often outcast from their society, although the damage can be repaired by surgery, if it is available.


    The Fistula Foundation Nigeria was established to support women with fistula and provide the surgery they need. This project aims to provide a dedicated anaesthetic machine to enable fistula surgery. This will be a special anaesthetic machine that has been designed to work reliably in the difficult conditions found in many hospitals across Africa, where resources are limited and power failures frequent.


    • Aim 1

      To supply an appropriate anaesthetic machine to the Fistula Foundation Nigeria


      » Local groups and individuals are raising funds to secure the purchase and supply of an appropriate anaesthetic machine to Kano, Nigeria.

      Once equipped and full operational, the Royal Fistula Hospital Nigeria aims to treat 250 fistula patients annually. Feedback on success to be provided by the hospital.


      • Impact

        The anaesthetic machine is essential to enable fistula treatment that will transform the lives of women who receive it. Quite beyond the physical effects of the condition, fistula also has devastating and far-reaching socioeconomic and psychological consequences, with many women abandoned by their husbands and struggling to live with the shame associated with incontinence.


        Servicing and repair costs of donated equipment, together with running costs, can prevent the effective use of donated equipment in low-income countries. In this case, the equipment supplied has extremely low running costs and generates its own oxygen, making it very cost efficient. Maintenance is minimal and the manufacturer provides free technical back. This will ensure that the anaesthesia machine will remain usable for 10 years.


        The progress of this project will be reported on our website, in our newsletters and annual report, and via social media such as Twitter and Facebook.


        • Location

          Kano is a city in northern Nigeria. The state of Kano has a population of about 9 million. Many people live in rural areas and have to travel long distances to reach health facilities in the cities. Facilities for fistula surgery and relatively rare and there are many women needing treatment.


          The women of Kano state and even beyond will benefit from the treatment made possible by at a specialist fistula repair hospital. In addition, medical personnel will benefit by the opportunity to receive training in fistula repair at a specialist unit, which in turn will benefit further patients and improve medical skills available in the country.


          • Why Us?

            The charity Safe Anaesthesia Worldwide is dedicated to the provision of anaesthesia where ever it is needed. One of our objectives is the supply of appropriate anaesthetic equipment to locations that have limited facilities and resources. Hospitals in low-income countries often lack even basic facilities, such as reliable electricity and medical gases including oxygen. We specialise in supplying suitable equipment and providing training in the use, care and maintenance of equipment.

            Read more about the Charity running this project.


            Muhammad Galadima

            Project Manager and founder of Fistula Foundation Nigeria

        Royal Fistula Hospital Nigeria, a project by Safe Anaesthesia Worldwide | The Big Give

        • Budget – Project Cost: £15,550

          Amount Heading Description
          £14,000 anaesthetic machine Provision of a specially designed anaesthetic machine that works low-resource hospitals
          £1,550 patient monitor Provision of a patient monitor to ensure safety of anaesthetised patients
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