Mystery of the King


The following is an interesting and challenging  quote from Rumi. It challenges you to think about what is important in your life.

We are leaving 2016, a 9 year, and beginning anew. New possibilities are available to make your life able to charge ahead towards being the best part of who you think you should.

“You haven’t dared yet lose faith – so how can faith grow in you?
You haven’t dared yet risk your heart – to what can you see of reality?
You’re obsessed – still! – with the carnal screams of your life.
How do you hope to step into the Mystery of the King?
You are a sea of gnosis hidden in a drop of dew,
You are a whole universe hidden in a sack of blood.
What are all this world’s pleasures and joys
That you keep grasping at them to make you alive?
Does the sun borrow light from a mote of dust?
Does Venus look for wine from a cracked jug?”

– Jalal-ud-Din Rumi
(Translated by Andrew Harvey from A Year of Rumi)

We all need to believe that our lives have meaning; that we can make a difference to ourselves and others. Let us not be put off by the challenging confusions of economic, war or politics. Let us control our thoughts to be those that will gather energy to make a better world. Hold a vision of what you want the world to be, and send that out to the Universe. With Love you will prevail.



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