Perceptions – Determining the Truth


We are all on a spiritual journey of one kind. For me this is a striving to make sense of the Divine in everything.

I believe that the essence of the energy of everything is Love. I am on a quest…albeit a slow one…in my own pace…to determine just what is this Divine and where we sit in relation to it…or it to us and everything else.

However, this doesn’t stop me from having an interest in and an extreme concern for what goes on in my community, country or indeed the rest of the world.

I have quite a few friends who say “I don’t watch the news!” or “I don’t watch TV!” and for them I think this must be right thing to do. That way they don’t get affected by the incredibly negative energy of what is happening in the world. They can continue spreading love and light in a calm and peaceful manner.

Unfortunately me, this is not what I am meant to do. I have tried to ignore and move away from worldly happenings but I am too fascinated by what goes on. And indeed I become very concerned about what I perceive to be things happening that should not happen.

Should I then say well I am a spiritual person and therefore should not engage with these things. I should allow them to happen and just let what will be, be?


For me I believe that part of being spiritual, apart from the seeking of truth, is to express oneself when one feel injustices are being perpetuated. I have a great love of all things in this world and on our beloved Gaia. For me at this stage of my spiritual development, this is Home. I feel I am Home and because of this I don’t want my home ruined.

If I see things happening in the community I must speak out. If I see things happening in in my country I will write to my member of parliament. If I see things happening in the world I will speak out via Social media and my blog and YouTube.

It is by doing something I can try to change what is happening. Of course change requires your being the change you want to see. But part of that is engaging; trying to make other people aware; trying to change opinions by at least offering a different opinion for others to consider.

So I will continue to produce positive meditation and relaxation videos for my channels. I will continue to post positive messages of Love and Light and Roses on my Facebook pages. But I will also be more active in calling out the wrongs and injustices that I may see on our Mainstream Media outlets (when of course, we can determine if it is the truth or otherwise)

Love and Blessings to you all,



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