Stand up and ask tough questions!


This is a response to the attack in Manchester this morning from a friend of mine, Phillip J. Watt. You can listen to Phillip on his YouTube channel, The Conscious Society. I happen to agree with his views and hope that more people will wake up to what is happening.

“How many attacks, how many deaths, how much suffering is going to occur before we collectively stand up and ask the tough questions? Examples include, but are not limited to:

– Why are we working against the Syrian/Russian alliance when they’ve explicitly illustrated they aim to end ISIS?

– Why aren’t we taking seriously the evidence which indicates that the allied forces are both funding and supporting ISIS and other extremist outfits in the Middle East?

– Why are we supporting the Saudi Arabian regime which have been proven to support terrorists?

– Why are we supporting Israel when they not only commit genocide against the Palestinians, but also destabilize the ME in accordance with their Greater Israel Project?

– When are we going to publicly investigate the role false flags have played in not just our long-term history, but currently too?

– When are we going to take seriously the agenda of a world government and how it plays into many of the tragedies that have occurred in our current era?

I’m so disappointed that humanity has come to this. I’m so sorry that so many lives have been lost and that so much suffering has occurred in not just alleged terrorist attacks, but in imperialist and elitist agendas. And I’m so disgusted that the monopolised media and the programmed public continue to not ask these questions and hold accountable the financial and political powers that will soon no longer be.

RIP to all those lives lost in this mess.”

Despite Phillip’s despondency at the end I believe more and more people are beginning to wake and challenge the status quo. We have been kept in the dark and fed bullshit most of our lives to such an extent that we think it is the truth and that we are the good guys. Look again.  Have a look at Phillips video (below). Fortunately things are changing and a massive change is underway.

Best wishes,


Reference: Phillip J. Watt:

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