It is still a beautiful world!

This is a time for reflection. A time for looking inward at ourselves.
It is so easy to attach ourselves to the fear that is being generated at this time.
There are situations that are, ineed, being generated by manipulative people to convince us that we must be terrified; that we must be fearful; that we must follow certain people as only they know the way to safety and security.
We must not buy into this!
The world must consider that the correct action is to tune into LOVE; the energy that the cosmos is made up of.
We are told that great evil resides in certain areas of the world. But is that the truth? The great and powerful nations that have led us in the past, may not be the “good guys” that we have always been lead to believe they were.
This is a time of massive lies. Determining just who is lying and who is telling the truth is difficult because both sides may be lying.
It has been suggested a great ‘cabal’ may be manipulating the entire scenario.
Yet what can we, the people, do??
A friend of mine has advised not to attach to the fear that is generated by this cabal.
Go to your heart. Send love!
Send love to the soldiers that are involved in this scenario that they may awaken their consciousness and refuse to fight.
Send love to the leaders of nations that they may realise that killing innocent people to protect ‘democracy’ is just plain wrong. No matter how you justify it.
Send love to the controllers of this cabal that they may cease this game!
Send love to the leaders of supporting countries that they may realise their allies are not the saviours they thought they were.
Send love to the people of the Earth that they may rise up and peacefully demonstrate that they want their Earth back; to live in peace, harmony and a prosperity that does not need to be based on a consumer society that generates war o keep it going.
Send love to the governments of the world that they may see that they have to change their systems to be fairer and more truly democratic…heart based.
~ Bryn Madoc

Please note: The sounds here are produced uniquely by me using technology and royalty free music under licence from Transparent Corporation- License: NP32-7279-4809-75
The photos are used with permission from: Brian Hedley Marthick
Music: “Rain Relaxation (With Rain Sounds)” by Jordan Jessep under licence from Audiojungle: .

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