Moving to Bali

Very shortly I will move to Bali to continue working on my meditation channels:

Adobe Spark

In addition I hope to improve my lazy attitude towards meditation and find a little quiet for my own well-being.

I have plans to ensure my semi-retirement is not a boring one. I have decided to improve my discipline by enrolling in a Wing Chun school. Fortunately for me there is one only a few hundred metres away.

As well as walking 10 kms per day I will avail myself of the local swimming pool 3 times per week. Luckily this is only a short walk so I have no excuse.

I shall also enhance my daily reading with a little writing. You how you always promise yourself to start on the novel or your life’s story. Well I have started! Wish me well.

More later with a few photos.

Regards, Brian


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  1. Still taking time to set up new website

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