“I just took a nice long shower and I had this playing in the background.. It definitely hits the right spot. It’s soothing and I Appreciate it. Thank you 😘💖” Melissa Coutu,  October, 2016.

“You make the best videos. I appreciate the work of several subliminal and hypnosis content creators, but I wanted to tell you that I find yours especially well done. I can’t even say how much they have helped me. Depending on what I need help with at the moment (insomnia, inertia, anxiety) I will choose from the suggested list and try different things. When something makes me feel noticeably better, I often look and think “sure enough, it’s one of the Bryn Madoc videos…” then save it to a playlist for that specific issue. This one in particular helps me…I start it and next thing I know my chores are done, I’m not stuck in a negative rut ruminating for hours, and I have a much more enjoyable day. Your hours of work have given me back hours of my life. So, thank you, and best of life and luck to you.”~ Subscriber, April, 2016 on Morning Booster, Energizing, Binaural Beats, Isochronic Tones – YouTube.

“Also helpful as a gentle, happy “pick-me-up” after work. I have to sit way too much during the day. By 4 p.m., the mind and body get to “move” again. This music works very well to remind me, “I’m not really tired – just lethargic from lack of motion.” Thank you for this!” ~ wantafarm, April, 2016, Morning Motivation: energy, motivation, focus, Isochronic Tones – YouTube

“Very nice! Exactly what I need.. I’ve battled chronic pain and depression for as long as I can remember. I love the subliminals, the music and the water sound. Thank you so much.” ~  Melanie C (Starlitblond), April, 2016 on Delta Treatment | Sublimals for Pain Relief and Depression | Isochronic Tones – YouTube.

Bryn Madoc Meditation  -“Thanks Bryn. Blessings to you… thank you for your support of my work.” ~ Jason Stephenson